sight seeing

The sightseeing options around Kuttalam Heritage are many. The notable ones are as below:

Panatheertham Falls (50 Kms)
This is a very attractive waterfalls situated deep into the forest. One can reach here only on boats and can have luxurious oil bath also. The other important waterfalls around are Agastyar Falls, Palaruvi, Old Kuttalam Falls, Mian Falls, Five Falls etc.

Thenkashi Kashi Vishwanathan Kovil (5 Kms)
This 300 year old temple is a superb example of Dravidian architecture. The gopurams are covered with gold from top to bottom. Multi-colored images pf gods, goddesses and mythical figures are carved all over the splendidly decorated temple walls.

Papanasham Temple (13 Kms)
This 300 year old temple is spectacular for its architectural works and stone carvings.

Thenmala (25 Kms)
A 2 hours boating through Shentureny wild life sanctuary will take you to the Thenmala dam and its beautiful surroundings.